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of High-performance Scientific Imaging Instruments for CCD, CMOS & EMCCD Dedicated mainly to the Objects Detection for Astronomy

 ​Since the creation of the company in 2007, we have set up a research and development activity concerning prototypes of scientific CCD cameras with the primary interest of astronomy. Over the years and technological advances, we have considerably increased performance, in order to achieve high resolution imaging, and to be able to diversify the use of cameras in other areas.

We have opted for the development of completely modular and reprogrammable cameras, depending on the field or application that we want to make of them. The choice of design of this type of scalable cameras for astronomy came from the experience previously acquired in embedded systems, in order to offer solutions intended for amateur and professional astronomers as well as other types of users.

We Develop and Create for our Cameras

  • Modular electronic cards with embedded processor and FPGA
  • Cooling elements for cameras
  • Structural analysis and calculation of heat transfer in electronic and mechanical components with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional
  • 3D modeling with SOLIDWORKS Professional
  • Instrumentation for high performance scientific imaging with CCD, CMOS or EMCCD sensors

Several models with different types of modules are being architected, developed and designed.

In addition, thanks to our industrial CNC machining and professional quality 3D printing services, we manufacture all our mechanical components ourselves. We use very good quality alloys and achieve better tolerances.

The models will soon be marketed.

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1. Camera Design  

Design of electronic detector boards, with CCD, CMOS and EMCCD sensors. Design of embedded cards, processor, FPGA, communication and power supply. We use Altium Designer for all electronic design and development.


2. Multi-Cam 

We use SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional for 3D modeling and thermal mechanical analyses.

3. Software Control 

The software solution is carried out in Python. 
All cameras are compatible with the standard protocol ASCOM "Astronomy Common Object Model".

4. Pictures Analysis with AI

The development of this solution is done in Python with API calls and CUDA of Nvidia™.We have learning models by performing “Machine Learning”

The NEBMAX Tele-Photos Observatory

Detection of new Celestial Objects with Analysis via Artificial Intelligence

A new observatory was built in 2020 in Laval, Canada, and this one is dedicated to all our camera tests for metric capture. This observatory is completely automatic and is managed remotely. We analyze the images via Artificial Intelligence with a “Machine Learning”.

We test the detection of new celestial objects by comparing image sequences. We are improving our camera prototypes, our software analysis models, and our new mechanical components for astronomy.


Dome of NexDome, installed on the NEBMAX observatory.
Fully automatic observatory,  remotely controllable also in manual mode, and by sequencing

Machine Vision

Powerful computer with an AMD Threadripper™ Pro, dedicated to the analysis of sequential images via Artificial Intelligence

CDK L-350

New azimuth mount from PlaneWave Instruments™ installed in september 2022

L-350 & CPC11

For the moment, the tests are done with CPC11 or four APO glasses from William Optics™ ZenithStar 81

Parts Manufacturing Services for the Astronomical Community

Manufacturing and CNC machining services for on-demand mechanical parts. We favor low volumes for amateur astronomers, for the moment in Canada. We also offer design services for specific mechanical enclosures for your needs with SolidWorks.

A dedicated page for this service will soon be available. In the meantime, for any specific needs, please contact us and our 3D design specialist will be happy to answer you at

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